A remote driving interface for autonomous vehicles, using cellular bonding and dynamic encoding. The platform is already deployed and used live on public roads.

* UX / UI
Designing the first-time user onboarding experience for the eCommerce marketing platform

* UX / UI
Acquired by Intel
UX and design of "WebPhone", a mirroring tool for mobile devices on a web view

* UX / UI
drupe replaces the native phone book experience with a natural drag and drop interface. By swiping a contact user can easily call, text, schedule, navigate, pay and do all kind of interactions using the apps on the phone

* UX / UI / Digital branding
A workforce management tool for field industries such as couriers, delivery, logistics and remote technical services. Include 2 products: The mobile app which serves the fieldworkers; and the web app that serves the back office workforce.

* UX / UI / Web design
AR StoryTeller
A smart augmented infographics mobile tool, helping TV reporters design infographics during their live reports.

* UX / UI
Phone Shield
A spam calls detection app for ios. Also provides other features like contacts organiser and cleaner, caller ID and spam messages blocker

* UX / UI
A lock screen concept for Android's "Start" App. Contacts, games and content, using a thumb gesture based

* UX / UI
A customer journey management tool, allowing large scale services (telecom, banking, entertainment and more) to digitally interact with their customers during onboarding, support requests, upsales offers etc.

* UX / UI / Web design
Wellness Layers
A digital personal health coach. Manages fitness activities, nutrition and diets by using personal goals

* UX / UI